We are sorry we are now closed for photoshoots, but our printers are still open as usual!

We will no longer be taking photos in the studio or on location until the coronavirus pandemic is under control and the government allow.

Currently, our print lab are still open. Therefore if you wish to order any prints from your online gallery up to the size of 18×12″ I can still process these and get them shipped out to you.

We understand the importance of photos and the joy they can bring especially in these uncertain times, therefore to make things a little easier, please accept our discount code for 10% off any order including digitals which can be used again and again. Simply log in to your gallery and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

As you may also know, small businesses are being hit hard by the pandemic and we are no exception. Katie my fantastic assistant is now in furloughed as I won’t be able to afford to keep her on for the foreseeable. Therefore, I am having to work doubly hard to keep afloat in the current climate. By no means am I hit as hard by this as some, I appreciate there are people in a lot worse of a situation than I am and I am grateful that myself, Katie and my family are all in good health.

If you would like to support us to keep our little studio going for the future, all we ask is that you simply purchase a voucher in which you can get a super awesome photoshoot with your precious family once all of this is over. We will give you 10% off each purchase. Please email us studio@meagansarahphoto.co.uk to request your lovely vouchers.

Thank you for your support!

Meagan x