How to have fun with your group shots

Plan your wedding guest group shots to help your day go smoothly

Group shots are the one part of your wedding day you will probably want to get through as quickly as possible. Many modern photographers offer more of a candid service these days, photographing your guests behind the scenes having fun. I too believe that these moments are important however, if done correctly, nothing beats a good old fashioned (with a modern twist) group shot. Why not make them quirky? Just ask your photographer to help in loosening up your guests so this part of your day is less a chore and more a main (fun) event.

Fun groomsmen group portrait

Smaller groups with your bridal party don’t have to be boring. Reserve 15 minutes after the formal portraits to have fun with just your groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids at morning prep

Your bridesmaids will love you for this shot while their make up and hair is still fresh.

Funny bridesmaids pulling faces

Pulling faces is always a laugh!

Large group shot at Nostell Priory Wedding

Epic group shots at the right location can have an amazing impact. These look fantastic as large pieces of wall art too. They do as you might have guessed, take a while to organise. Why not have someone announce at the end of your service what your plans are. This helps prevent people from sneaking off to the loo or the bar too!


Props are always a great idea to introduce. Don’t have an props? Why not take all the groomsmen jackets off so they can swing them over their shoulder?

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