Quick tips to save time on your Wedding Day group shots

Quick tips for preparing your wedding day group shots

  • I always suggest saving 30 minutes for your group shots (this very much depends on how many you want and how important it is
  • Keep your list to a minimum, too many combinations with a lot of the same people is very time consuming.
  • Having at least two hours between the end of service and your wedding breakfast means you can enjoy your guests company after your photos

Large group shot at Nostell Priory Wedding

  • Want them at the ceremony location? Get them immediately after your service before people leave
  • At the reception? Call ahead to your reception planner to notify guests as they arrive to get in place
  • Ask the person who is marrying you to announce your plans before you leave
  • Why not include your group shot plans in the Order of Service?
  • Get photos of grandparents done first so they are not on their feet waiting around
  • Children (as I am sure you know!) are super impatient, perhaps have your photographer capture them separately when they are playing or early in the morning when they aren’t as tired
  • Discuss in detail what you envisage for your group shots well before the day
  • Suss out a high perspective for your photographer to shoot downwards, especially if you have a lot of guests
  • Have a back-up plan for rainy weather

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All in all, it is your wedding day. You really can do whatever you want. Please do take these tips with a pinch of salt. The most important thing is to make sure you have time for yourself as well as your guests. If you struggle it really does help to chat about it in depth with your photographer.

M x