Newborn Photography

We photograph you and your baby at our beautiful, dedicated studio. Focusing on soothing sounds and a relaxing atmosphere to make both baby and parents feel comfortable and have the most enjoyable experience from start to end.

The birth of a child marks a defining moment in your life. From this day forward, everything changes. You have a new reason for living. You have a new reason to love. Just weeks from now, your little one will no longer fit so tiny in your arms. With a newborn portrait session at Meagan Sarah Photography we will help you, let that beginning never end.

1. Chose your session

Simplicity Mini Session


  • Newborn mini sessions for those on a budget. These sessions are less than half the time of our Complete Newborn Sessions with 5 digital images to keep.
  • This price includes:
  • 1 hour studio time (awake or asleep)
  • 2 hours professional editing
  • Neutral colour theme in babygrow or vest
  • 45 minute compulsory viewing session with treats
  • 5 high resolution downloadable images with print release
  • Access to digital packages and wall art
  • Full amount due upon booking
  • For more variety and colours please book our Luxury Newborn Session

Luxury Newborn Session


  • Reserving 3 hours of our studio time, this photoshoot will last approximately 2-3 hours making sure we get every perfect shot you need. A complete portrait study of your little one.
  • This price includes:
  • 3 hours studio time
  • 20-30 minute Family photos (Parents and siblings only)
  • Remainder of session focusing on your new little baby
  • 4 hours professional editing
  • Use of any of our beautiful props and accessories
  • 1 hour compulsary viewing session with treats
  • 10 high resolution images with print release to keep
  • Six stunning 7x5 card mounted prints
  • Beautiful handmade presentation display box
  • Crystal USB
  • 20% off on all packages and wall art
  • 25% Deposit to secure your date
  • Half price Cake Smash Session if booked at viewing session

Baby Photography


  • This session is suitable from 1 month old up to 1 year old. Missed out on a newborn session or just want to capture your little one as they grow? Then this is the session for you.
  • What's included:
  • 45 minute studio photoshoot
  • Photos of your little one on our white beanbag against our white backdrop
  • Simple shots of their tiny features and natural movements
  • Parents and siblings can lean into or sit on our beanbag with baby
  • 15 minutes additional time £40 (highly recommended for siblings)
  • Viewing session with drinks and snacks
  • 6 digital images to keep + one 10x8 Print

2. If you just love your session as much as we do and can't wait to get your hands on the rest of your digital images, you can easily upgrade for all digital downloads at any time.

We like to be as transparent as possible with you. Therefore have included our additional digital prices below. There is no pressure to buy anything in addition after your photo session and many of our clients are happy with their 10 included which we feel is more than enough! Don't forget, Luxury sessions receive 20% discount - prices indicated below with a *. 

Additional Individual digital images-
£12 Small resolution | £9.60* 
£15 Medium resolution | £12*
£20 High resolution | £16* 

£99 | £79.20*

Upgrade One

Ideal for social media and online sharing.

Collection includes:
All Small resolution files
Download via your gallery
*Longest side 800px
Suitable for on screen viewing only

£145 | £116*

Upgrade Two

Ideal for home printing and gift prints.

Collection includes:
All Medium resolution files
Download via your gallery
*Longest side 2240px
*Printable to 10x8 Max

£180 | £144*

Upgrade Three

Ideal as a back-up solution and large printing.

Collection includes:
All High resolution files
Download via your gallery
*Longest side 5000px
*Printable to 20x16 and beyond

FAQ's (Please read!)

As one of the leading newborn photography specialists in Yorkshire we fill up fast for newborn sessions. We like to stick to no more than 3 a week to keep our availability flexible with your due date. Therefore it is really important to book your newborn photoshoot as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. To book simply click the "book online now" button below and follow the steps to book quickly and easily online. Alternatively, give us a call on 0113 8694051 or email studio@meagansarahphoto.co.uk and Katie or myself will be happy to give you more information and get you booked in. 

We try our upmost to aid the sleep of your newborn in our studio. Some have even named us the baby whisperers! We make it very warm with white noise and dimmed lights to encourage your little one to drift off. With your permission we are happy to sooth your little one while you relax, giving them lots of cuddles and laps around our studio to help them drift off. We even pre warm our changing mat and posing bag too. If however, your little one really doesn't want to sleep we will take cute photos of them awake instead. We can't guarantee that their arms and legs will stay in one place while awake but we will always try our best. We are also pretty good at judging a newborns mood in the first hour of your arrival. If they are colic or somewhat irritable on the day, we are happy to call it a day within that first hour and schedule you back in another day if you prefer. Please note although we try our best to sleep your baby we can't guarantee it, therefore our final images cannot be rejected if your baby was awake during your shoot. (But hey, who would do that right :)?).

A viewing session is simply in place to give you a wonderful experience viewing your precious images for the first time. As each package includes a set amount of images, we need you to come back into the studio to choose your favourites. We have previously tried a method where we sent you a gallery home to view your images however 9 times out of 10 we are having to chase up our clients more than one to make their selections. Therefore we have made the decision to make a viewing session compulsory for every shoot type. Most of our clients, come with the intention of taking home a beautiful piece of art work for their home. This is the perfect opportunity for us to help and guide you to choose your perfect art! It is not compulsory to purchase anything additional at your viewing session and we do not apply pressure sales. 

The younger your baby the more change that they'll sleep. When babies are asleep, so are their arms and legs! Awake babies, as cute as they are, at this young age, do not have much control of their limbs (ie, not poking themselves in their eyes, wriggling their legs, scratching their faces). Therefore, it can be more difficult to pose your awake child compared to a sleeping baby! A 4 weeks old baby is awake a lot more compared to a 2 weeks old (only just!). You will get adorable photos either way but if you do want images that reflect our portfolio then the younger the better! 

Sharing the images we provide is vital to sustain our business. Seeing our client work on social media and our website is likely what lead you here today. That said, we strictly follow the Data Protection Laws and Regulations. Therefore every client is given a form in which they can express their preferences regarding the use of their images. Please note, there may be a small fee if you would like to restrict our online use. 

This depends on your background colour choice. As a simple rule we recommend clean, light, plain clothing. It is worth observing the clothing on our website as inspiration. Please feel free to contact your photographer at any point to discuss your outfits. 

Our facilities include a comfortable changing table, W/C. We also provide warm drinks and snacks but please bring plenty of well fitted nappies as we like to change this often during the session (bulky nappies don't work for photos). We also recommend a change of outfits for yourself if you want any photos of baby nude in your arms as accidents do happen! For your baby, please bring, at least two clean white baby grows and sleep suits. We also encourage the use of dummies on set.  

Yes! We provide a changing table. 

We try to make use of the full three hours however, we are happy to cut this short if you feel we have captured enough images. 

By default we edit out any blemish that is a temporary mark on your baby. Please let us now if you would like us to edit out any birth marks, stalk bites and angel kisses. We usually leave those in but are happy to remove for you. Please note we cannot guarantee we can remove every blemish and every imperfection. 

During your session, our focus by default is predominately to capture images of your newborn baby. introducing siblings to the session, depending on their age, can dramatically reduce the time we dedicate to newborn images. It is important that you speak to your photographer before your session if the most important images to you are the sibling shots. If so, we can dedicate more time to this for you. The more siblings there are the longer it takes. Depending on their ages and the importance of these shots, we highly recommend booking a family session later down the line when your newborn is a little bit stronger and holding their head up. This makes the session a lot safer and less stressful for you. 

If you would like to bring more than your immediate family then we recommend booking a separate on a different date. Our studio is small and the more people in your session the less time we spend focusing on your newborn. If you wish to have a session that is just family and newborn with no individual shots of your baby we recommend booking a family session instead of a newborn session. Please click here to find out more information. 

We do not accept band breeds, dangerous dogs and untrained dogs. It it vital that your dog is fully trained including toilet trained, good recall, can sit and lay down on command! For other pets, please call us on 0113 869 4051 to discuss. 

Yes we encourage you to bring snacks and drinks. There is also a bakers, sweet shop and other amenities only a few doors down. 

If on the day we don't have another booking in after yours, it may be possible to extend your session for a fee. This depends on the availability at the time as we can book up in advance. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss an extension or to swap on your shoot on 0113 869 4051. 

In the event you the client are unable to attend the photo sitting you must notify your photographer no later than 24 hours before your sitting begins. Your photographer will try to re-schedule your sitting at a time they have available which will be discussed with you first. You will have 2 actions of cancellation, after this, your photographer will have the right to add an extra charge to your original fee. If you the client do not turn up without notifying Meagan Sarah Photography, then Meagan Sarah Photography reserve the right to cancel your sitting fully without refund.

We understand that getting anywhere with a newborn baby can be difficult that said, as we are a busy studio and have allocated you a set time it will usually means your time with us will be reduced. If however possible we will try our best to add time after your session but only if we have availability. The time with us will be reduced and thus results in fewer images taken. 

Our luxury Newborn session will receive approximately 30 images to preview at their viewing session and both our Simplicity Session and Baby Photography Sessions will receive approximately 20 images to preview. 

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