A Simple Day of Love at David and Phillippas Skipton Wedding

A giggle, a smile and a tear appeared on Phillipa’s face in nothing more than a split second. It had become so infectious in those few moments of walking along the isle that as you gazed around, you could see all of the guests had caught it too; a sight to behold as tears of joy filled the room instantly. Pure happiness is what happened upon the rolling hills of Yorkshires beautiful countryside that one, very special day. As always, I am so thankful to be apart of something truly magical…

It wasn’t just that moment of pure joy radiating around the room that made this wedding a day to remember. It was the beauty in the simplicity. The pastel blue van parked outside, the hand-painted wooden signs and the wedding cake made by the brides very own best friend.

Too often, I find myself amidst a crowded room with a bride crossing her fingers in the hope that every single second of her day will go exactly – and I mean exactly – as she had planned. And, too often, the said bride is setting herself up to become what no woman ever wants to be: a bride-zilla.

So that, in my opinion, is what made Phillipa and David’s wedding something extraordinary. They kept it simple, they kept it true. There was no bride-zilla to watch out for that day. Just a whole dosage of love, happiness, and two souls intertwining in the promise of sharing their love for the rest of eternity.

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