Top tips for planning a baby shower

Today on the blog, we will be sharing some top tips for planning a baby shower. Whether a friend’s planning it for you or you have decided to plan your own, we hope you find this useful. A baby shower is such a fun event to get friends, family and yourself more excited for little ones arrival. However, we know planning any event can be a tad stressful so we are here to help!

1.Date & time – Baby showers are typically held within the third trimester so anywhere between 30 – 36 weeks. Parents-to-be have enough time to get all baby essentials and make a note of things they would like gifted. It also gives them enough time to nest and not worry about giving birth mid way through the party. Afternoon is usually the ideal time for the party to begin and usually on a weekend.

2.Location – Most people are swaying more for their own back garden or that of a friend/family member. Alternatively, if you wanted something a little more fancy, you could book out a local restaurant or bar area. Cafes also seem to be now offering spaces. Just check if the venue hire is free and/or if it requires a minimum spend. So long as the destination isn’t too far from home, then any location will work depending on what theme and style you’re wanting.

3.Theme – This can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. If you know the gender, some people like to use gender colours to show this. Some people just prefer to keep the theme neutral whether they know the gender or not. Either way, just make sure the parents-to-be are happy if you are planning it for them. You can find lots of good baby shower theme ideas on Ginger Ray. They have botanical, pastel & metallic themes. This just helps save time on thinking of what to get. They have everything all in one section for you.

4.Guest List & Invitations – Your guest list goes hand in hand with your budget. The more people you invite, the more you will need to accommodate for. This includes food, drink, party bags, games. Maybe get friends to contribute towards food. Like bringing cupcakes or sandwiches. This also reduces your planning and helps people feel more involved. Write a list of those all important names and stick to a certain number of guests. This will also help you stick to budget. Decide if you are inviting partners and other children. Invitations are another personal choice. But if you are working on a budget use Paperless Post. This is a free online tool which allows you to send invites for free via email. Alternatively you can use Etsy and have your invites created from scratch.

5.Gift Registry – Some people are very organised and write a spreadsheet of essentials they need with a price attached. This is then passed around the guests and allows them to personally determine how much they would like to spend. It also ensures you don’t receive hundreds on 0-3 month old clothes. However, this is a very international way of asking for gifts. If you feel rude asking this way, why not ask them to contribute to a baby money jar instead. If they would like to get you something, they can add as much or as little as they’d like. And you then have a small fund to help buy essential baby items on your list.

6.Food, Drink & Games – There’s lots of games out there to choose from. For example, guess the baby food, guess the size of bump, Mr & Mrs adapted version to Mummy or Daddy. Have a look at this website for more inspiration. The main goal is just to have fun. As for food & drink, again consider your budget. Make food rather than ordering in. Ask friends to bring a dish. Mocktails are also a really good idea to include. You can even add alcohol as an option for people not pregnant. Check out this list for inspiration on drinks. You can even make your own names for them.

7.Photography – Are you wanting to document this day? Do you want the memories in print form to look back on? If yes, then consider booking a professional. This will be an added expense but a worth while one. Phone cameras are great but you’ve put all this effort into planning, you want to document it in style. We can provide this service on a quotation basis, just get in touch. MSP would love to help you remember this special event before little one arrives.

And that’s it! We hope these top tips for planning a baby shower helps you. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog. If you would like us to share more top tips on anything specific please leave your ideas in the comments section or contact us directly.