Bronwen’s Newborn Baby Shoot

12th August 2018 Blog, Newborn 0 Comments

Baby Bronwen’s Newborn Shoot

On the 24th July, we were overjoyed when the cute Bronwen and her parents came to visit us for her Newborn Shoot at our Horsforth studio in Leeds.

Before capturing the photos, we were able to swaddle her in these beautiful creme coloured fabrics, which suited her so well. As well as swaddling her in various fabrics, we were able to put her in a variety of accessories including floral headbands. Bronwen was peaceful whilst she was bundled up gracefully in our cosy fabrics. She remained well behaved and lovely throughout. When she wasn’t asleep we were lucky enough to catch her looking straight into the camera so we were treated to photos of her beautiful blue eyes.

The best way to get photos of a newborn is when they are sound asleep. This is so that we are able to get a variety of shots including close up of their little facial features. Close up shots of babies is one of my favourite shots to give parents!  From the close-ups, we were able to get shots of her squishy face and her cute little nose. Not only do we do close-ups but we can do front view shots of the baby. By doing the front of views shots, we were able to prop up Bronwen in a comfortable position.

We were lucky enough to capture photos of Bronwen and her parents as a new family of three. The way that the parents look just shows how lucky and happy they are to have their new baby.

It was so lovely to meet these two parents and their new baby girl. Congratulations on your bundle of joy, she is absolutely adorable. And welcome to the world, Bronwen!

 Here are just some of the photos that we were able to capture of little Bronwen!