I did my own cake smash and I loved it!

It’s true. A real life, grown up, big girl cake smash of my own. I can’t lie, when people call me up every now and then asking if I do adult cake smashes I think, “really?”. Don’t get me wrong, it does sound a lot of fun but until I have seen one happen and understand what people actually want from this shoot I have found it hard to say yes… until now.

The prep

In the back of my mind for a while I knew I had to just give it a go and see what it would be like from a client perspective. Only then would I be confident enough to sell this service to others. My birthday was coming around quickly and I had found an affordable white dress online from asos and thought “that’l do”. Not having high expectations I ran to Morrisons the morning of my shoot, Marshall in arms, grabbed the first cake I saw and went up to the studio.

(It took us a while to warm up so we did some practice shots first.)

It’s shoot time

I forgot to mention Marshall is my little boy. He has just turned 3 and didn’t quite understand what was going on but was certainly excited that there was cake involved. I threw on my dress and a bit of make up and we got straight to it. No holds barred, we let loose, I let my little boy do whatever he wanted and I felt so free to do what I wanted too. We didn’t pose, in fact, it was so easy to forget the camera was there. I let Marshall throw it, rub it in his hands, in my face, whatever he wanted and we laughed our little heads off.

(Then he was good to go!)

The results

I can honestly tell you it was one of the most special and best experiences I have ever had with my son. I know you probably think I am just saying this for my job but I was close to tears of joy throughout. We felt completely free and it was fantastic. I can’t recommend it enough. I think older children and other siblings would really love this too. any excuse to throw cake at their parents and I am sure they will jump at the chance. These photos have been printed again and again for family and friends and not to mention all over Marshall’s room. We laugh as we look at them and they bring back a joyful memory every day.

(Outfits at the ready!)

A super special offer

This type of session is in the early stages and I do like to experiment with these things before I sell them properly as an official shoot category. Therefore I am offering a special discount for my first 5 bookings. The shoot is going to just be £25. Unlike a normal cake smash session which is £45. There will be no pressure to purchase any of your pictures if you’re unhappy with them (which I’m pretty sure is unlikely!). You can then chose to purchase a package if you wish. It’s £99 for our smallest package and £199 for our largest package to give you an idea of prices. So, if you’d like to go ahead and give it a go for your next birthday, please give us a call 0113 8694051 or get in touch here! But for now, please enjoy our pictures and any feedback would be welcome!

I let Marshall make the first move!
Then I had my own turn!