Why book a family newborn session


Why should you book a family newborn session? There are so many reasons why we think you should have a newborn family session. Below we have included just some of them for you to have a think about.


  1. You think you will get photos at home of the three of you anyway so why bother? Many times people come to me and say “I wish I had done that”. More often than not when you first take your newborn home, photos of yourself are the last thing on your mind. You don’t want Aunty Mary flapping around you taking photos of you whist your tired, a mess and feeding your little one. You think there will aways be a better day, tomorrow perhaps. Booking yourself for a newborn session helps you schedule some time to look your best, help you get motivated to tidy yourself up and have a nice trip out.
  2. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It really is. Only while your baby is that small (first two weeks) will you get those unbelievably adorable photos, when your little one fits in your hands so perfect and lays asleep while you can adore him/her and smother them in kisses all you like.
  3.  It’s not all about baby! Don’t forget that this is the biggest milestone of your life. You are just as important and you both have done something amazing. Be proud of yourselves and show off your family, you deserve it!
  4. Siblings need to feel a part of it too. Family shots are a great way for older siblings to feel really special. They get an opportunity to be focused on along with their new little brother/sister. They will have a chance to hold them and bond too.
  5. Its relaxing and easy. Get away from home for a little while, rid the cabin fever, doll yourself up and have a few hours out of the house. You can sit back and relax whilst your newborn is posed in the most amazing of ways, which will, I promise make your heart burst to watch! Ending with a lovely, cuddly family shoot too.
  6. Use photos for thank you cards and Christmas cards and everything else! We can design elegant announcement cards and thank you cards quickly and simply for you to send out to friends and family. Saves you a lot of hassle and is a great gift.
  7. You’ll have amazing portrait of you and your child at home to wow. We create stunning fine art prints that are truly timeless. These make amazing gifts but also as a great feature in any room. Why not make your little ones feel really special with a family portrait in their room or nursery?
  8. Document it! Still not sure if having photos up on the wall or getting dressed up is your thing? Why not have your photoshoot and place aside your prints/digitals in a memory box. You don’t have to show the photos off. You can just keep them for your future self to enjoy. To pass down through generations. With all that is going on it is very easy to forget this tiny window of your little ones life. They really do grow up fast.

We hope this has helped you in making your decision a little easier. Want to book? Just click here to fill out our simple enquiry form and we will email you with all of the relevant information for your photoshoot. still not sure? Why not pop over to our newborn page here for more inspiration.

Thanks for reading!