My awesome hospital bag

What to pack for your hospital bag

When I was pregnant I binged Youtube. I had never been such a fan before but, now youtube has learned that the only thing im interested in is pregnancy, labour and babies it opened the door to a whole new world for me. I studied and I mean studied the art of packing an awesome hospital bag and I  can honestly say I dont regret a single part of it… ok maybe one part but I will explain. Other than that I pretty much used everything. So here you go….

bag 1 – toiletries

I think this one is straight forward but I won’t leave anything out.

  • Mini Shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • shower cap
  • flannel
  • moisturiser (I used a Simple light one that can be used for face and body)
  • natural deodorant – for me this is very important. I know we have glands right up to our armpits and I hated the idea of those powerful chemicals getting into my breast milk, plus when breastfeeding its important for baby to learn your scent.
  • cooling face wipes which can double up as body cleansers or to aid cooling – my god its hot in hospitals!
  • mini scissors its amazing what you find these useful for
  • nail file – sounds silly but I had long nails from all of those pregnancy hormones but as soon as he arrived I chipped one and it became super sharp which is the last thing you want holding your new baby.
  • femefresh do mini travel wipes these were super useful
  • femefresh travel body wash – a must! Even the thought of soap sends shivers down my spine without going into too much detail!
  • Speaking of details Always discreet boutique pants – no brainer, I even doubled these up with maternity pads inside. The more padding the better. disposable knickers were rubbish.
  • Tucks pads. AMAZING. Get on amazon and go buy now go go go go!
  • Spritz for Bits also very good and I hear can be used for the scar or a c section too so won’t be waisted
  • breast pads
  • massage oil or cream

Bag 2 – The clear bag

The purpose of this was my go-to bag in which Matthew could grab things at a glance for me quickly. In this was…

  • Lip balm – DO NOT GO WITHOUT! Especially if you plan on having gas and air
  • Energy tablets
  • mini wipes
  • fan
  • Mobile phone
  • earphones
  • a bit of cash
  • lots of hair bobbles
  • Nipple cream – be warned these stain you clothes the second they come into contact
  • Breast pads

Bag 3 – Main bag.

Bearing in mind everyone tells you not to over do it. I am glad I did, I was in hospital for 4 nights.

  • flipflops or slippers – I took slippers wish I had taken flipflops
  • 2x nursing nighties Black
  • 1x pjs button down black from primark 3 sizes bigger than I was previously
  • Asda grey tracksuit thing for going home in
  • black leggings – I wish I had taken 2 pair
  • a pretty blouse incase I actually have the effort to look nice (I didn’t wear it)
  • Hair brush
  • Very thin long dressing gown that you don’t mind getting spoiled
  • Tens Machine
  • kindle
  • magazines
  • Neck rest travel pillow thing for Matthew
  • We took a pillow each and made sure they had jazzy pillow cases so we knew they were ours
  • water bottle with a straw attached – this is important!
  • a bag for dirty clothes
  • 3 maternity sleep bras – these need to be crazy big especially back size, your boobs swell up huge and can be painful. Oddly my back went up 2 sizes and it has never gone back. I guess being pregnant expands your ribcage.
  • a crazy amount of knickers you know the Bridget jones style and 3 times bigger than you normally are.
  • I wish I had known about H&M’s nursing vests. I live i’m them now and no longer wear bras. I will definitely pack these next time
  • Hospital notes – put these on top
  • Camera – of course!

Bag 4 – Make up

This was the only bag that waisted space for me, I did go with the intention of looking decent for when the family arrived. However, as I was pretty poorly with an infection after labour I was simply too poorly to bother.

Matthew took a foldable camp bed and a change of clothes too!

Bag 6 – Snacks

We simply took a carrier bag with energy drinks, graze snack bars and lots of jelly babies which were recommended to bring by the midwife.


Maybe I was a bit obsessed with this bag but I think it was down to being the only thing I could control out of the whole process. Anyway I hope this will be helpful to any expectant mothers out there. I will try and make a pdf when I get time for you to download and print yourself. Having a tick list may help which is what I did.


Meagan x