Another day, another wedding, another hungry Meagan!

20th March 2016 Blog, Wedding All Posts 0 Comments

The alarm clock buzzes. Milo barks. I jump out of bed. Here we are… Wedding day!

The first thing I do, just like any rational human being on a busy work day, is boil the kettle, make myself some tea, and desperately try to stomach some food at such an early hour.

Flash forward another hour, or maybe three – depending on how far away the location is – and you’ll find me circling the venue with my gear spilling across the back seat, hoping and praying and sweating with nerves that I’ll find a spot soon. And I do. At a local supermarket, causing me to run like a mad-woman so that I don’t miss the bride getting out of her bridal car. And I don’t.

All is well. But it’s only 10:00am.

The day continues as the happy couple engage in holy matrimony. The guests cry, the bride cries, and the groom might sneak a tear in or two. It’s always such a beautiful day, seeing two people so in love and ready to jump into their new lives together…

It would just be even more beautiful if I could hear the speeches over my rumbling stomach. ‘What?’, you might be thinking. Why is she talking about her stomach and not the incredible dress or the beautiful story told by the grandfather? Because I’m pretty damn hungry, that’s why.

What many couples don’t understand about me (or any photographer, for that matter) is that I’m only human. As hard as little seven year old me tried, I never manage to succeed in learning to fly.

So here I am, little mortal me, trying to capture your big day with all the essence of love. I aim to take the photos you will look back on for a lifetime, remembering the moment in which you promised your faithfulness to one-another.

And that is a lot more difficult to do when all I’ve eaten is a bowl of cereal at five in the morning, spent the whole day on my feet, and am constantly dictating everybody’s poses for the photos…

All in all, I’m solely sharing a word to the wise: give your wedding photographer some food at some point. It will go a long away to helping everything run more smoothly. We’re not asking for a four course meal, you see. Just a quick bite to eat, some leftovers, or even a sandwich to chomp down on in the kitchen.