7 Tips on how to prepare for your outdoor family session

7 Tips on how to prepare for your outdoor family session will provide you with all the tools to have a successful shoot.

  1. Try to avoid strong patterns and logos on clothing. If possible, try to match with your family. This way the finished images will look more polished and professional. Colours like white work really well in the summer. Warm colours like browns work well for Autumn. Blues work well against a green landscape.
  2. Leave any bags, keys, phones in the car not in your pockets. We need your hands free so you can be relaxed.
  3. Wear appropriate footwear for your shoot. Your feet will not thank you for wearing flip flops in the snow. Think about the season of your shoot. This links nicely with tip 1. Your clothing and footwear should reflect the season.
  4. Time of day for your shoot is key. Depending on the time, the light will be different. Early morning or evening sun can make a big change to the overall image. Just get in touch with one of our photographers at the studio if you need more help.
  5. Check children’s faces before the shoot. Make sure they have a clean face and brushed hair.
  6. Be prepared to move locations. Sometimes the light can be better in an area 2 minutes away. The photographer will judge this. Or the background in a particular location nearby may have caught their eye. Try to remain open and flexible. It is you we are thinking of.
  7. Remember to have fun! It’s all about sharing some quality family time and getting some lovely photos at the end. Smile and relax.

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We hope these 7 Tips on how to prepare for your outdoor family session help’s you. We look forward to shooting your outdoor session! X