How much is a 1-Hour photoshoot?

How Much is a 1-Hour Photoshoot?

This is a good question! Photographers price their photoshoots differently. Some use a simple hourly rate, while others do not. Often, location photographers such as wedding or event photographers use an hourly rate. Some studio photographers do this too. However, certain types of photography require extensive planning, on-the-spot creativity, and significant post-production work, all of which can affect the cost of a photo session.

6 separate images combined in one. Beautiful couple posing together against a white background in a studio environment.

We base our prices on the skill levels needed to create your photos. While the difference isn’t huge when comparing our hourly rate for a newborn session versus a family session, there are differences.

For example, our newborn sessions are exclusively in our studio and are limited to a small number per month due to the unpredictability of due dates. These sessions are also very prop-intensive. We regularly purchase new props and accessories and hand-wash each item after every session. These session also take a lot of skill with many years of practice, particularly in safety when it comes to dealing with newborn babies.

Image of a newborn baby sleeping. Baby is wearing knitted romper with 4 little buttons and a matching knitted bonnet with lace. The whole image is monochromatic yellow. Baby is laying in a curved position on her back within a basket. The basket is made of a weaved string. Burnt orange. Mustard.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible with our pricing. Most of it is available here on our website. If you get in touch, we will send you a breakdown of all our service and product prices.

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