Got a questions?

I have answered the most popular questions below. However, if you can not find the answer you are looking for please call 07590561612 or email

Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. For more details please click here. For weddings I cover all of West Yorkshire. If you want my services further afield, there will be an additional fee to cover travel cost including accommodation if necessary.

Yes, as it is a home, there is ample free parking. You will need to ring a buzzer at the gated entrance and await the electronic gates to open, once your in, feel free to park anywhere on the drive but please watch out for my little dog – Milo, he’s only dinky!

Generally one hour. However this may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore I always reserve more time than this between shoots to make sure you go home in the knowledge you got what you came for!

As the premises is built on old farm land (a fast flowing stream, fields, gardens and a little woodland!) I would always suggest bringing something comfortable and warm in case we go outdoors. You may wear whatever you find most comfortable and can move about a lot in. For a family shoot I would always recommend trying to complement each others clothing, keep it as simple as possible (no logo’s or text on clothing!) and don’t clash. Light colours are always preferable. As a lot of shots are taken with natural light, they may reflect, for example, if you were to wear a red jumper, the colour red may reflect upon your neck and chin and if you naturally have red skin, this may not be a good choice for you! To keep it really simple as a starting point, how about all wearing blue jeans with light coloured T-shirts or shirts? You can of course choose to be in formal wear this is up to you. I would also always reccomend a back-up outfit too! If you are struggling for ideas, please give me a call and I can advice you! 07590561612 

It is often nice to have 2 or 3 generations together. If you are however bringing more than 6, there will be an additional £10 per person. In the studio however this is the size of a regular living area, with a studio that really only fits 2 adults and up to 3 children. If you do happen to have a larger family than this, or would like the 50/50 with a larger family, I am sure we can squeeze a few more in but I cannot guarantee a large group shot in the studio, sorry!

To book a photoshoot all you need to do is call me on 07590561612 or email me I will take your full name, address, phone number and what part of the week suits you best, weekday, evenings or weekends and I can then find a date for you.

Yes, to book any portrait photo session including newborns, I will need to take  a £30 non-refundable deposit from you to secure your date. Don’t panic if you need to move your chosen date, this does not affect your deposit and you may change it up to 2 times before a second charge may occur (this does not count for newborns as I appreciate how unpredictable their arrival date may be!).

Your full amount will be due on the date your photoshoot takes place. However, you may wish to pay in advance which is fine. If you do not pay on your shoot day, your shoot will not commence.

Cash, cheque, bank transfer or paypal. At the moment I do not accept card payments.

As a rule of thumb I tell all of my clients it can take up to two weeks to view your photos. I will of course try my very best to get them to you sooner. However, the longer I take editing them, the more special they will be! So please be patient with me.

You may find I am snapping away hundreds of shots and then feel there are a number missing while you view your session. In an hour I do take a lot of shots but often the reason for this is (especially in groups) I am taking them until I get “the one”. This means 3 out of 4 shots you or someone next to you may be blinking, looking away etc. These images are instantly disregarded through what we call the culling process. To leave the one perfect image I intended to get. As all my images are individually edited to create what you came for, I need to narrow it down to the very best few out of your experience so I can spend more time on the images that are truly worth it. Besides, are you really going to put 300 photos on your wall? As a rule of thumb I try to make sure I have 20 beautiful works of art for you to enjoy. There may sometimes be more, there may sometimes be less but, generally from a one hour shoot you will get approximately 20.

Yes. There is the option in the viewing gallery to view your images in black and white. However, this is just a generally black and white setting made by the gallery hosting company. Therefore I encourage people to tell me which they would like in black and white so I can create a high quality version for you. Sometimes I also put on your gallery images which I think look best in black and white for you. You may request this if you wish.

I most certainly do! Everyone gets a spot now and again, a scratch or a bruise, which I always remove during the edit process. However, there are limits and I will not be giving you a full digital makeover of a sort. My work is natural and reflects the true you. If you do wish to have more detailed editing on your appearance, there will be a small fee added per image.

Yes. Via the online gallery you can share the preview images.

You can share directly from the online gallery using the social media icons. Depending on your package you may also get downloadable facebook images which you can upload yourself.

I would highly recommend ordering prints via your online gallery where all prices are available once you choose to add to cart. For more details on prices please click here.

I often tell my clients to come to their photoshoot with an expectation of spending some money. I do no like to hide costs, nor do I want to surprise anyone who thought the package deal they bought is the limit of what they can have. Generally, on top of the package price, most people spend £80-£200 more on extra prints etc. Which is an extremely reasonable rate in the photographic world! There are no pressure sales and these orders are usually made in the comfort of your own home via the online gallery. I also understand that many of us are on a tight budget these days, so if your plan was to book a package and walk away with only the package products, this is completely normal too as you can order prints at a later date.

I have had a camera in my hand since I was 15! I studied photography at A level, then I worked for another photographer through the summer. I then went onto university for 3 years to get my BA Hons in photographic practice. After which I set up a business called ImageCrazy Photography for fashion, portraiture, art and commercial. Through this Meagan Sarah Photography began to shine through and I decided to completely dedicate myself to weddings and portraiture. Therefore I have been taking photo’s for over 13 years. For more info about me please click here.

Now and then this question does arise. I understand that some people may be self conscious and/or worried about the protection of their images online. Firstly, you most likely decide to choose my services by looking at other photo’s I have taken. Photography is my job and therefore I need my portfolio to sell my work and put food on the table. That said, I want you to know you can trust me, I only put photo’s online that I believe are 100% respectful and which I think are worthy of other people seeing and good enough to represent my brand, so, it is VERY unlikely that you will look bad! I also always give my clients an “online version” of each image and recommend the use of only these for posting on the web. This isn’t solely to show off my logo which will be at the bottom of each image, it is also to protect these images as they float around the web, they also have meta data attached to inform people that these are my copyrighted images. Of course if you extremely dislike an image I am using online, please do notify me and I am sure we can come to a compromise, at the end of the day, I want happy clients!